How the Museum Operates

The National Presbyterian Museum Advisory Committee would like to thank the PCC Experimental Fund for their grant of monies in support of the following project:  “Automating the Collections of the National Presbyterian Museum – First Phase”.  As a result of this funding over 750 artifacts are now fully described in a museum-purpose catalogue database.  The funding covers part-time cataloguing spread over two years, March 2010-March 2012.  This Experimental Fund seed money has set the foundation for  ongoing cataloguing to continue in the coming years.  Over time catalogued records will be uploaded to the Virtual Museum of Canada website in order to have a world-wide presence.  You will find some of our items there already.  Registration of artifacts, in accordance with Museum standards, was completed for the first time in the history of the NPM.  Linking the artifacts by numbering them and fully describing them in an automated cataloguing system is of paramount importance.  The catalogue records will capture information on the artefact classification, description, dates, dimensions, provenance, location in the Museum, history and significance of the artefact and/or the body that created it, and also donor information.  The foundational purpose of the Museum is to preserve and actively convey the many ways The Presbyterian Church in Canada has been active in the world, having been inspired by the Holy Spirit to live as followers of Jesus Christ.

Please take time to discover the Museum. Your ongoing financial support is needed to continue this most worthwhile mission of the Church.

The Museum is a Committee on History responsibility operated through a sub-committee: the National Presbyterian Museum Advisory Committee. Current members include: Marilyn Repchuck (Chair); Rev. Duncan Jeffrey; Ian Mason; Rev. Angus Sutherland (Past Chair), will continue to serve as a member of the committee; Kim Arnold (ex-officio, Archivist, The Presbyterian Church in Canada); Diana Veenstra (ex-officio, Senior Administrator and Assistant to the Chief Financial Officer and Treasurer); Rev. Geoff Ross (ex-officio, Convener of the General Assembly Committee on History); Rev. Dr. Maureen Walter (ex-officio, minister of the host church, St. John’s Presbyterian).