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Audio Visuals

Audio Visual equipment

Nurturing the Congregation Then as now, audio visual materials and techniques played a role in the past life of the church. Slide shows, illustrated talks, films—they were all important tools that ministers, teachers, youth leaders and missionaries used in the church’s ministry. This section of the museum focuses on the role that audio-visual presentations have […]

Church Organizations

Panoramic group photos

Services In the early years of The Presbyterian Church in Canada, congregational life centred on the worship service held Sunday morning. Young people returned in the afternoon of the Sabbath to attend Sunday school. In urban areas, an evening service was also held. Even a mid-week Service was common in most localities. Church Management In […]

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Sharing the Gospel No account of the history of The Presbyterian Church in Canada would be complete without a visual record of her far-flung missionary enterprises around the world. Beginning with John Geddie’s mission to the South Seas, George Leslie MacKay’s to Formosa (now Taiwan) or William John McKenzie’s to Korea, the church of the […]

Communion Tokens

Communion Tokens

Origin of Tokens The use of “tokens” – symbols of membership in the company of believers – goes back to the first centuries of the Church, when Christians faced persecution for their faith. In those days, the security of the congregation depended on having some sort of pass or identification that followers of Jesus could […]

Communion Ware

LePage Communion Glass Set

Sacrament of the Lord’s Supper The night before Jesus was crucified in Jerusalem, the Bible records a meal that He shared with the disciples. He took bread and wine from the table and told the disciples to eat and drink this food in remembrance of him. Throughout the centuries, the commemoration of this meal has […]