Commemorative Plates

We would like as many of our churches past and present, to be represented here at the National Presbyterian Museum – could you look at this list of commemorative plates and see if your Presbyterian Congregation is included – if it isn’t and you would like to contribute a commemorative plate to the Museum, please let us know and we will place it on display.

Notes: Amalgamated/closed congregations are designated in Italics – New name (if applicable) listed afterwards.

Over 80 Plates were donated to the Museum by Rev Fred Rennie, DD, Minister Emeritus of St. John’s PC, Cornwall, ON;
Underlined entries indicate that these plates were from that collection, and are in the Joheen and Fred Rennie Collection.

NewFoundland and Labrador
St. John’s – St. Andrew’s, The Kirk
St. John’s – St. David’s

Prince Edward Island
Birch Hill – Lot 14 PC
Cardigan – St. Andrew’s PC
Charlottetown – The Kirk of St. James
Charlottetown – St. Mark’s PC Sherwood
Charlottetown – Zion PC
Marshfield – St. Columba PC
North Tyron – North Tyron PC
Spring Brook – Geddie Memorial PC
Tyne Valley – Tyne Valley PC

Nova Scotia
Dean – Sharon PC
Durham – Durham PC (West River)
Durham – West River Seminary and Theological Hall, 1848-1858
East River St. Mary’s – Zion PC
East River St. Mary’s – Zion PC
Glace Bay – St. Paul’s PC
Glenelg – Glenelg PC
Halifax – First Sackville PC Lower Sackville
Halifax – Knox PC
Kenzieville – Barney’s River PC
Loch Lomond – Calvin PC
New Glasgow – First PC
North River – St. Andrew’s PC
North Sydney – St. Giles PC
Pictou – First PC (+cup)
Ross Ferry – Knox PC
Salt Springs – St. Luke’s PC
Sunny Brae – Calvin PC
Sydney – The Presbyterian Church (now Bethel PC)
Sydney Mines – St. Andrew’s PC
The Falls – St. Andrew’s PC
he Ponds – Camp Geddie (cup)
Truro – St. Paul’s PC McClure Mills

New Brunswick
Dalhousie – St. John’s PC
Harvey Station – Knox PC
Harvey Station, St. Andrew’s UC (‹ 1925 PCC)
Moncton – St. Andrew’s PC
Riverview – Bethel PC (cup)
St. Andrew’s – Greenock Kirk

Athelstan – Athelstan PC
Beaconsfield – Briarwood PC (+ cup)
Beauharnois – St. Edward’s PC
Chateauguay – Maplewood PC
Cote St. George – Cote St. George PC
Howick – Georgetown PC
MONTREAL- Cote des Neiges PC (+ cup)
Montreal – Robert Campbell Memorial PC (now Taiwanese-Robert Campbell PC)
Montreal – St. Matthew’s PC (building now Chambit PC)
New Richmond – St. Andrew’s UC (‹1925 PCC)
Ormstown – Ormstown PC
Quebec City – St. Andrew’s PC
Sherbrooke – St. Andrew’s PC (2)
St. Lambert – St. Andrew’s PC
Upper Melbourne – St. Andrew’s PC (2) (now Melbourne – St. Andrew’s)

Ailsa Craig – Ailsa Craig PC
Ajax – St. Andrew’s (Pickering) PC (3)
Ajax – St. Timothy’s PC
Alexandria – Alexandria PC (Boot and Alexandria UC, plate)
Alliston – Knox PC (old building)
Almonte – Almonte PC
Amherstburg – St. Andrew’s PC
Arthur – St. Andrew’s PC
Ashburn – Burns PC (old building)
Ashfield – Ashfield PC
Aurora – St. Andrew’s PC
Avonton – Avonton PC
Barrie – St. Andrew’s PC
Beaverton – Beaverton PC (now Beacan PC)
Beaverton – Old Stone Church Thorah (2+dish)
Belleville – St. Andrew’s PC (2, VINTAGE)
Bishop’s Mills – St. Andrew’s PC (cup)
Bolsover – St. Andrew’s PC (old building)
Bowmanville – St. Paul’s UC (‹1925 PCC)
Brantford – Alexandra PC
Brantford – Central PC (2)
Brigden – Brigden PC (mug)
Brigden – Brigden UC (was Brigden PC)
Brockville – First PC
Burgoyne – Knox PC
Burlington – Knox PC (+ spoon)
Burlington – Strathcona PC (now Burlington East PC)
Burlington – St. Paul’s (Nelson Twp) PC (former building)
Caintown – St. Paul’s PC
Caledonia – Caledonia PC
Cambridge – Central PC
Cambridge – St. Andrew’s Hespeler PC (+cup)
Camlachie – Knox PC , closed December 2011.
Campbellville – St. David’s PC
Centre Road – Knox PC
Chesley – Geneva PC (VINTAGE PLATE+cup)
Chesterville – St. Andrew’s PC (2)
Cobourg – St. Andrew’s PC
Coldwater – St. Andrew’s PC
Collingwood – Knox PC (+cup)
Cookstown – Cookstown PC (now Baxter, Living Faith PC)
Cornwall – St. John’s PC (2)
Corunna – St. Andrew’s PC (cup)
Crieff – Knox PC (2)
Cromarty – Cromarty PC
Delhi – Calvin PC
Deseronto – PC of the Redeemer
Dornoch – Latona PC
Duart – Duart PC
Dunchurch – Knox UC (pre-1925 PCC)
Duntroon – St. Paul’s PC (now Nottawa, Emmanuel PC)
Dunvegan – Kenyon PC (2)
Eldon Station – St. Andrew’s PC (now Woodville Community PC)
Elmira – Gale PC (old building)
Elora – Knox PC
Englehart – St. Paul’s PC
Erin – Burns PC (cup)
Exeter – Caven PC
Fergus – St. Andrew’s PC (2)
Finch – St. Luke’s PC (now St Luke’s-Knox PC, Finch)
Flos – Knox PC
Fort Frances – St. Andrew’s PC
Gamebridge – Knox PC (+cup)
Georgetown – Knox PC
Glenarm – Knox PC
Glencoe – Glencoe PC
Goderich – Knox PC (2)
Grimbsy – St. John’s PC
Guelph – Knox PC
Guelph – Knox PC 2003 General Assembly (Cup)
Guelph – St. Andrew’s PC (2)
Guelph – Westminster-St. Paul’s PC
HAMILTON – Alberton PC
Hamilton – Calvin PC (later Calvin-Grace Church)
Hamilton – Chedoke PC
Hamilton – Eastmount PC (now Trinity PC)
Hamilton – Knox PC Dundas
Hamilton – Knox PC Waterdown
Hamilton – MacNab Street PC (3)
Hamilton – St. Columba PC
Hamilton – St. David’s PC
Hamilton – St. John’s PC (old building-now St. John and St. Andrew PC)
Hamilton – South Gate PC
Hamilton – West Flamborough PC (2+cup)
Harrington (West) – Knox PC (2)
Hanover – St. Andrew’s PC
Harriston – Knox PC (now Knox-Calvin PC)
Hensall – Carmel PC
Holstein – Knox PC
Ingersoll – St. Paul’s PC (2 + cup)
Ingleside – St. Matthew’s PC Woodlands (now St. Matthew’s PC Ingleside)
Ingleside – Osnabruck Township 1795-1995 Includes:

  • Emmanuel PC Aultsville,
  • St. John’s PC Farrans Point,
  • St. Matthew’s PC Ingleside,
  • Osnabruck PC 1795-1857,
  • St. Mark’s PC Wales – to 1925,
  • St. Matthew’s PC Woodlands)

Innisfil – Churchill UC (Vintage plate, then Churchill PC)
Iroquois – Knox PC (2)
Jarvis – Knox PC
Kemptville – St. Paul’s PC (Then charge—along with:)

  • Knox, Merrickville, (closed 1970)
  • St. Andrew’s, Oxford Mills (closed May 2010 )

Kenora – First PC
Kenora – Cecelia Jeffery Residential School (+ cup)
Kerwood – West Adelaide PC
Kinlough – Kinlough PC
Kirk Hill – St. Columba PC
Kirkfield – St. Andrew’s PC (amalgamated 2011)
Kitchener – Doon PC
Kitchener – Kitchener East PC
Kitchener – St. Andrew’s PC (2 + cups)
Komoka – Knox PC
Lancaster (South) – St. Andrew’s PC (2)
Largie – Duff’s PC
Leaskdale – St. Paul’s PC (3+cup) (former building)
Lindsay – St. Andrew’s PC
Listowel – Knox PC (+cup)
LONDON – Hamilton Road PC (closed 1999)
London – New St. James PC (2)
London – St. George’s PC
London – St. Lawrence PC (+cup)
London – Westmount PC (2)
Magnetewan – Knox PC
Markham – St. Andrew’s PC (former building)
Markham – Markham Museum
Markham – Melville UC (<1925 PCC) Maxville - St. Andrew’s PC
McDonald’s Corners – Knox PC
Middle Middlesex – Bethel PC, London Tp. (Ilderton)
Milton – Knox PC
Milton – Nassagaweya PC
Mississauga – Clarkson Road PC
Mississauga – Dixie PC
Mississauga – St. Andrew’s Memorial Church, Port Credit (2)
Mississauga – White Oak PC
Mitchell – Knox PC
Moore – Knox PC
Moore Township – Bear Creek PC (closed 1989)
Moore Township – Calvary UC (built as Guthrie PC) closed 2008
Moose Creek – Knox PC
Morewood – Morewood PC
Morrisburg – Knox PC
New Glasgow – Knox PC
Newmarket – St. Andrew’s PC
Niagara Falls – Drummond Hill PC
Niagara Falls – Stamford PC (2)
Niagara on the Lake – St. Andrew’s PC (2)
North Bay – Calvin PC
North Easthope – Knox PC
North Easthope – St. Andrew’s PC
North Mornington – North Mornington PC
North Pelham – First PC
Norval – Norval PC
Nottawa – Nottawa PC (now Emmanuel PC)
Oakville – Hopedale PC
Oakville – Knox 16 PC
Oneida – Dufferin PC (now Oneida United) 3 Vintage items – Creamer, Sugar Bowl (with lid) and Bread Plate
Orangeville – Tweedsmuir Memorial PC
Orillia – Orillia PC (St. Andrew’s) (+ cup)
Oro – Central PC (now Oro – Trinity PC)
Oro – Guthrie PC (now Oro – Trinity PC) (2)
Oro Station – St. Andrew’s PC (now Oro – Trinity PC) (+cup)
Oshawa – Knox PC
Oshawa – St. Luke’s PC
Oshawa – St. Paul’s PC (2)
OTTAWA – Boy Scouts of Canada National Office
Ottawa – Erskine PC (now Westminster PC)
Ottawa – Osgoode PC, Vernon
Ottawa – St. Andrew’s PC (Downtown)
Ottawa – St. Giles PC
Ottawa – St. Timothy’s PC
Ottawa – Stewarton UC (‹1925 Stewarton PC) [now Centretown UC, once McLeod-Stewarton]
Paisley – Westminster PC
Paris – Paris PC
Paris – Penmarvian Home
Perth – St. Andrew’s PC
Peterborough – St Paul’s PC
Petewawa – Petewawa PC
Pickering – Amberlea PC
Pickering – Dunbarton-Fairport UC (‹1925 Dunbarton PC)
Pickering – St. Andrew’s PC (see Ajax)
Picton – St. Andrew’s PC
Port Colborne – First PC
Port Hope – St. Paul’s PC
Port Perry – St. John’s PC
Puslinch – Duff’s PC
Renfrew – Renfrew PC
Richmond Hill – Richmond Hill PC
Ridgetown – Mount Zion PC
Rockway – Rockway PC
Rockwood – Rockwood PC
Rodney – St. John’s PC
Roslin – St. Andrew’s PC
St. Catharines – Knox PC
St. Marys – St. Marys PC (2, First PC and SMPC)
Sarnia – Paterson Memorial PC (2)
Sarnia – St. Giles PC (cup)
Seaforth – First PC
Shakespeare -Shakespeare PC (2)
Smithville – Smithville PC (2)
South Kinloss – South Kinloss PC
Soyna – St. Andrew’s PC (2) (now Wick PC)
Spencerville – St. Andrew’s PC (now St. Andrew’s-Knox PC)
Stayner – Jubilee PC (+bell)
Strathroy – St. Andrew’s PC (LW 110)
Sunnidale Corners – Zion PC
Swinton Park – St. Andrew’s PC
Teeswater – Knox PC
Thamesville – St. James PC
Thorold – St. Andrew’s PC (+ cup)
Thornbury – St. Paul’s PC
Thunder Bay – First PC (plate-First PC Fort William) , (+cup)
Thunder Bay – Lakeview PC (plate-First PC, Port Arthur) (+cup)
Thunder Bay – St. Andrew’s PC (2)
Tillsonburg – St. Andrew’s PC
Tiverton – Knox PC (2)
TORONTO – Chalmer’s PC (merged into St. Pauls PC)
Toronto – Dufferin Street PC (merged into St. Paul’s PC)
Toronto – Ewart College (now part of Knox College)
Toronto – Fisherville Church (former FC, CPC, PCC, UC), Black Creek Pioneer Village
Toronto – Kew Beach UC (now Beach UC)
Toronto – Knox PC, Agincourt (Scarborough)
Toronto – Leaside PC
Toronto – Melrose Park PC (now Armour Heights PC)
Toronto – Melville PC, West Hill
Toronto – Morningside-High Park PC (2)
Toronto – Mount Dennis UC (pre-1925 PCC), now part of Central Weston UC.
Toronto – Patterson PC (+cup)
Toronto – Queen Street East PC
Toronto – Riverdale PC (2)
Toronto – Runnymede PC
Toronto – St. Andrew’s PC Humber Heights (mug)
Toronto – St. Andrew’s PC, Islington (Etobicoke) (+ bell)
Toronto – St. Andrew’s PC Scarborough
Toronto – St. Andrew’s UC (formerly Westminster PC)
Toronto – St. David’s PC, Scarborough (2)
Toronto – St. David’s UC, Toronto (now St. Matthew’s UC, Toronto)
Toronto – St. Giles-Kingsway PC Islington (Etobicoke)
Toronto – St. James-Bond UC (was St. James Square PC)
Toronto – St. John’s PC
Toronto – St. Stephen’s PC Scarborough
Toronto – Toronto Formosan PC
Toronto – Trinity York Mills PC (2 plates, and cup)
Toronto – Westminster PC Scarborough
Toronto – Weston PC (+mug)
Toronto – Westview PC (cup)
Toronto – Wexford PC Scarborough (+ cup)
Toronto – Willowdale PC
Toronto – York Memorial PC (2)
Tottenham – Fraser PC
Trenton – CFB Trenton Chapel–St. Clement Astra
Vankleek Hill – Knox PC (2)
Vaughan – Fisherville Church (see: Toronto, Fisherville Church, Black Creek Pioneer Village)
Vaughan – Knox PC (now Cornerstone Community PC)
Vaughan – St. Paul’s PC
Ventnor – Knox PC (now St. Andrew’s-Knox PC, Spencerville)
Waldemar – Waldemar PC (now Tweedsmuir Memorial PC Orangeville)
Wallaceburg – Knox PC (cup)
Waterloo – Knox PC (cup) (former buildings)
Welland – St. Andrew’s PC
Westport – Knox PC
Whitby – St. Andrew’s PC
Wick – Wick PC
Winchester – St. Paul’s PC
Windham Centre – St. Andrew’s PC
WINDSOR – Elso Magyar Reformatus Egyhaz (Hungarian PC)
Windsor – Riverside PC
Windsor – St. Andrew’s PC (2)
Wingham – St. Andrew’s PC
Woodstock – Knox PC
Woodville – Knox PC (2) now Woodville Community PC (mug)

Boissevain – St. Andrew’s PC
Brandon – St. Andrew’s PC
Carberry – Knox PC (now Knox-Zion PC)
Ninga – Ninga PC (along with Baptist, United, and Anglican)
WINNIPEG – First PC (2)
Winnipeg – Manitoba Korean PC
Winnipeg – St. John’s PC

Elfros – Elfros Union Church
Estevan – Westminster PC
Kipling – Bekevar PC
Moosamin – St. Andrew’s PC
Moose Jaw – Knox PC (now St. Mark’s PC)
North Battleford – St. Andrew’s PC
Prince Albert – St. Paul’s PC
Rosetown – Rosetown PC
SASKATOON – Calvin – Goforth PC
Saskatoon – St. Andrew’s PC
Sylvania – Knox PC
Weyburn – Knox PC (2)

Calgary – Grace PC
Dixonville – Strang PC
Drumheller – Wayside Chapel
Edmonton – Mill Woods PC
Edmonton – St. Andrew’s PC (+cup)
Edmonton – Strathcona PC
Edmonton – Westmount PC
Grand Prairie – Forbes PC
Innisfail – St. Andrew’s PC (2)
Lloydminster – Knox PC
Medicine Hat – Riverside PC
Medicine Hat – St. John’s PC
Penhold – Chalmer’s PC (+ Cup) (now Red Deer – Chalmer’s-St. Andrew’s PC)
Rocky Mountain House – Memorial PC

British Columbia
Abbotsford – Calvin PC (+cup)
Chetwynd –

  1. Zion PC (now Chetwynd Shared Ministry)
  2. Zion Presbyterian-United Church (1981)

Dawson Creek – St. James PC (cup)
Kamloops – St. Andrew’s PC (+cup)
Mission – St. Paul’s PC
North Vancouver – St. Andrew’s – St. Stephen’s PC
Port Alberni – Knox PC
Prince George – St. Giles’ PC (cup)
Surrey – Grace PC (tile)
Vancouver – Kerrisdale PC (1990 General Assembly) (cup)
Vernon – Knox PC
Victoria – Knox PC

Whitehorse – First PC

Church of North India
Presbyterian Church of Nigeria